Online Poker Games List – Variations & Types

With over 1.4 million players last year, it’s fair to say that online poker games list are on the rise again in the US, and more and more people are expected to sit down at a virtual table and test themselves against players from around the world going forward, too.

You’ll find lots of different types of poker games online, from Texas hold’em to more unusual variations, such as Chinese poker. Poker offshore sites represent a great route to playing all of these variations. Learn more about the different poker card games you can play for real money and the sites that offer them on this page.

Best Offshore Poker Sites
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The Best Online Casinos for Playing Poker Games

You’ll find poker games spread throughout a casino, from the dedicated poker section to the live dealer games. Take a look below for a rundown of the various poker games for money online offered by our top online casinos.

Casino Casino
Poker Room Freerolls
BetOnline 17+ 28+ 0 Chico Poker Network Hourly
Bovada 7+ 8+ 0 PaiWangLuo Poker Network Weekly
Everygame 5+ 29+ 0 Horizon Poker Network Daily
Ignition 7+ 8+ 0 PaiWangLuo Poker Network Weekly 11+ 24+ 0 Chico Poker Network Hourly
Wild Casino 11+ 17+ 0
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Tiger Gaming 6+ 1+ 0 Chico Poker Network Hourly
Las Atlantis 5+ 14+ 0
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The Best Poker Games Online

Looking to play online poker for real money? If so, you’ll find loads of options available to you.
Take a look at the poker games list below to find out about some of the most popular around.

Poker Option Description
Texas Hold’em Poker The most popular of all poker variants found online.
Simply make the best 5-card poker hand from your two-hole cards and the five community cards.
Omaha Poker Another of the popular poker varieties.
You’ll need to make the best 5-card poker hand using exactly two of your four hole cards, and three community cards.
PLO Poker This version of Omaha is the same as the standard variation.
Aside from the fact that you’re limited to raising no more than the value of the pot.
Omaha Hi-Lo Similar to regular Omaha.
Except the pot is split after showdown, with the players with the lowest and highest hands taking half each.
A player winning before showdown takes the whole pot.
Razz Poker In Razz Poker, you’ll receive seven cards.
However, you won’t need to make the highest hand.
Instead, the winner will be the player with the lowest possible hand.
It is also sometimes called 7 Card Stud Low.
5 Card Stud If you’re looking for easy poker games, start with 5 Card Stud.
Just make the best 5-card poker hand possible using the cards you’re dealt.
Pai Gow Poker Pai Gow Poker is one of the many casino poker games.
You’ll be tasked with creating two hands: one 5-card hand and one 2-card hand.
If both beat the dealer’s, you’ll be declared the winner.
Pai Gow is one of the more popular poker win real money games.
3 Card Poker Another casino poker game. Make the best 3-card poker hand.
Beat the dealer and you’ll win money.
An incredibly simple poker variation.
5 Card Draw Just like 3 Card Poker, but using five cards. This game is much less common than its 3-card cousin.
We also recommend exploring our 4 Card Poker guide
Short Deck Poker This is a version of poker that mostly follows the rules of Texas Hold’em.
However it is played with just 36 cards.
Iron Cross Poker Essentially Texas Hold’em with an unusual twist.
Five community cards are dealt in a cross shape, and the dealer randomly chooses the order they’re revealed.
However, the center card is always last.

Base Types of Poker Games Online

There are many types of poker games to play, from common variations, like Texas Hold’em, to easy real money poker games, such as 5 Card Stud. Even the best players in the world can’t master all poker card games, so pick carefully and aim to become a master of one.

Everygame Poker game Table

But what poker games are there for you to play? To help you pick the best poker games for you, we’ve listed several of the most popular below, along with brief descriptions.

Draw Poker Games Variations

Draw poker is a variation of poker that sees players dealt a complete poker hand immediately. Players then aim to improve this hand by substituting cards from their hand with those from the deck. Their simplicity makes them best for beginners.

  • 5 Card Draw: The easiest game of all. Receive five cards, and then aim to improve this hand by replacing cards with those from the deck. The player with the best 5-card poker hand at the showdown wins.
  • 2-7 Triple Draw: Players again receive five cards and then go through three rounds of drawing and betting. This is a lowball version of poker, therefore meaning that your aim is to make the lowest 5-card poker hand possible.
  • Badugi: In this game, you attempt to make the lowest four-card hand possible, not containing any pairs or cards of the same suit. Hands with pairs or identical suits are considered 3-card hands.

Stud Poker Games Variations

In Stud Poker variations, all cards dealt are personal to one player, but the cards will be dealt in a mixture of face-up and face-down cards. You’ll then need to use these cards to make the best – or occasionally the worst – 5-card poker hand.

  • 7 Card Stud: One of the more popular poker games. In 7 Card Stud, you need to create the best 5-card poker hand using the 7 cards dealt to you. These cards will be a mixture of face-up and face-down cards.
  • Baseball Poker: This is a rarely seen online poker game. It plays in almost exactly the same way as 7 Card Stud, with the exception being that 3s and 9s are wild, and a face-up 4 leads to an extra card being dealt.
  • Mexican Poker: This is a variant of 5 Card Stud. It’s played with a deck of 41 cards, which includes a single joker. Every player receives five cards, and the player with the highest hand wins the pot.

Community Card Poker Variations

In poker games featuring community cards, the player receives their own cards – called hole cards – plus they share a selection of cards with all other players. A combination of hole and community cards is used to create a hand.

  • Texas Hold’em Poker: The most popular of all poker games, by some distance. Players receive two hole cards and there are five community cards. The goal: make the best 5-card hand using any combination.
  • Omaha Poker: Players are dealt four hole cards and there are five community cards. You need to make the best 5-card hand using exactly two hole cards and three of the community cards.
  • Pineapple Poker: This is almost exactly like Texas Hold’em. The only major difference in the gameplay is that all players receive three hole cards and must discard one before the first round of betting.
  • Irish Poker: This game is also very similar to Texas Hold’em, but you get four hole cards and must discard two after the flop. You must then make the best 5-card hand from the two hole cards and five community cards.

Casino Poker Games Variations

Casino poker isn’t true poker. Instead, it is a game played against the dealer, and not against other players. There are a huge number of them, and you can see the best poker casino games listed below.
wild casino poker games

  • Ultimate Texas Hold’em: One of the most popular casino poker games. Just get a better 5-card hand than the dealer, using the five community cards and your two hole cards. Side bets are often available.
  • Crazy 4 Poker: The player receives five hole cards and must make the best 4-card hand. Quite simply, if your hand is better than the dealer’s hand, you’ll win a prize, leading to crazy games of poker. Side bets are regularly offered.
  • 2 Card Poker: A particularly obscure poker variation. Make the best 2-card poker hand possible, with AA being the best hand. Beat the dealer’s hand to win a prize. Again, side bets are sometimes available.
  • Let it Ride Poker: In this game, you must make the best 5-card poker hand using three hole cards and two community cards. As with other casino poker games, beat the dealer to win. Side games are often offered.
  • Double Draw Poker: In Double Draw Poker, the player receives five cards. They can then exchange cards twice to make the best 5-card hand. There’s no dealer hand – prizes are determined by hand strength.
  • Criss Cross Poker: Five community cards are dealt in a cross, plus the player gets two cards. Make two hands using hole cards and the horizontal and vertical community cards. Prizes are determined by hand strength.

Other Poker Games Variations & Formats

There are also several poker games that simply don’t fit into a category. You can play all these poker games online for real money, and we’ve given you brief descriptions of the most popular variations below.

  • Live Poker: Live poker, as the name implies, is played live, with a real dealer, beamed to your screen via a webcam. Live poker usually comes in the form of casino poker, where you play against the dealer.
  • Chinese Poker: This simple game involves lots of luck. You’ll be dealt 13 cards and must make three individual hands. You’ll win one unit for each hand you win, plus the overall winner wins one unit.
  • H.O.R.S.E. Poker: This is a game that sees you playing five types of poker: Texas Hold’em, Omaha Hi-Lo Split Eight or Better, Razz, Seven Card Stud, and Seven Card Stud Hi-Lo Split Eight or Better.
  • Zoom Poker: One of the online poker cash games where you’re moved to a new table when you fold, instead of waiting for the hand to finish. This allows many more hands to be played per hour.
  • Sit and Go Poker: A Sit and Go is a type of poker tournament that only features one table. Usually, the last two or three players left receive a prize. Great for tournament players with not much time spare.
  • Heads Up Poker: Quite simply, this is when you play against just one other player. This can either be in a tournament or in a cash game.
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Other Online Poker Platforms you Might Like

Learn more about the different types of online poker games and options available online and where to best enjoy them:

How to Play Poker Games Online

Looking to find out how to play poker games online for real money? If so, just follow the simple step-by-step instructions listed below.

1. Choose the Right Casino for You

Firstly, you need to choose the right casino or poker site for you, which you can do by looking through our pages on the best online casinos available in your state. We also have pages dedicated to the best poker sites and the best Bitcoin sites.

2. Create an Account

Next, you’ll need to create an account with the casino you’ve chosen. To do this, hit the button that says “Join Now” or something similar, before then filling out all required details. You might then need to confirm your registration by clicking a link in an email.

3. Deposit Some Funds

You now need to add some funds to your account, which can generally be done using many payment methods, including cryptocurrency. Just head to the cashier and follow the on-screen prompts. Any deposits should be almost instant.

4. Claim Any Available Bonus

When making your first deposit, don’t forget to enter any promo code required to claim a welcome bonus, as these can be worth huge sums of money. Subsequent deposits can also be boosted by claiming reload bonuses.

5. Pick Your Poker Variation

Next, you need to choose which of the many poker games that pay real money to play. If you’re new, start with Texas Hold’em, as it’s widely found and is really simple to understand.

6. Start Playing Poker!

Now you can start playing poker! Start by playing for low stakes if you’re new, or even for free, before progressing onto higher stakes as your bankroll grows and skill improves.

Top Casino Poker Odds

Before you play casino poker games online for money, you need to know that they all have different RTPs. This means that each of these often crazy poker games returns different amounts of money, on average, to players.

Take a look below to find out the RTPs of some of the most popular casino poker games:

  1. Real Money Caribbean Hold’Em– 98.19%
  2. 3 Card Poker – 97.99%
  3. Ultimate Texas Hold’em – 97.81%
  4. High Card Flush Poker – 97.36%
  5. Let it Ride – 96.49%

Best Software Providers for Poker Games

Nearly all major online casino software providers have at least one casino or video poker game in their portfolio. However, they don’t generally have their own poker networks – these are left to specialist operators like the Chico Poker Network.

Check out five top poker software providers below.

  1. Microgaming: While they no longer have a poker network, they do have loads of great video poker and casino poker games, along with their massive selection of top-quality slots.
  2. Evolution Gaming: If you’re looking for the best live casino poker games, look no further than Evolution Gaming, the undisputed leader in the live dealer industry.
  3. Playtech: They have one of the biggest selections of casino games around, including a wide array of video poker and casino poker titles. They also offer live casino games.
  4. NetEnt: Regarded by some as the best casino software providers around, they offer a great array of live dealer games, along with standard casino poker and video poker games.
  5. RTG: This company offers several great versions of video poker, with the games widely found at offshore casinos accepting US players.

Cash Poker Games & Poker Tournaments

You’ll find plenty of poker games online, including zoom poker, heads-up poker, and more. These can all be played as a cash game, and most are also available to play as tournaments.

betonline poker game tournament

Cash games continue until you leave, and there’s no limit to the money you can win or lose, while tournaments generally have a set expense and only continue until one player remains.

Poker Cash Game Variations Online

When you choose to play a poker cash game, you’ll be playing in a game for an infinite amount of time – there’s no set time when cash games close. There’s no limit to how much you can win, but conversely, there’s no limit to how much you can lose either.

You’ll find a huge range of poker cash games available to play at a top site, but most players will be looking to play Texas Hold’em or Omaha. So, if you’re looking to play Razz, for example, you might be waiting a while to find opponents.

Poker Game Tournaments Online

With poker tournaments, you know exactly how much you could win, as well as exactly how much you could lose. This means many people are more comfortable playing them than cash games.

Tournament player pools can vary in size from a few players to thousands, and entry can be anything from free to thousands of dollars. Prizes can also often be huge, plus some tournaments – called satellites – award entry to higher-paying tournaments.

Play Free Poker Games

It might sound strange, but there are plenty of opportunities to play the best online poker games for real money without risking a cent. This is because most online poker rooms offer freerolls – tournaments that cost nothing, but still have monetary prizes.

Tournaments of this type often feature thousands of players, but they cost nothing, so there’s no complaining. Many of the best sites, such as BetOnline and, hold these tournaments on a daily basis.

It’s also possible to play with play money at most poker sites without signing up, which allows you to learn the game and test out the platform, but you’ll need to create an account to progress to real money poker.

Playing Poker Games on Mobile & Apps

It’s possible to play plenty of poker games using a smartphone or tablet. This means you can play poker against other players using a mobile device, or you can play single-player games like casino poker and video poker.

Some prefer to use a poker app, while others prefer a mobile website. Poker apps are great as they provide one-click access to your chosen poker site, plus they’re exceptionally easy to use. However, playing at a mobile site means you don’t need to download a thing.


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