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The spinning roulette wheel is one of the world’s most iconic images of casino play, and European roulette is the most famous variation, played by millions of bettors both at casinos and online.

In this European roulette online betting guide, we will go over the rules of the game. We’ll show you the best ways to play, the online casinos that offer the game, the types of bets than can be made, and the difference between European and American roulette. All of which should enable you to make better decisions when pulling up a seat at the roulette table.

Best European Roulette Casinos

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Best European Roulette Online Casinos

Let’s take an overview of some of the best online casinos for European roulette:

  1. Las Atlantis – 280% bonus of up to $14,000.
  2. Wild Casino – Welcome Bonus goes as high as $5,000.
  3. Bovada – The well-established casino offers a $3,000 welcome bonus.
  4. MyBookie – Offers a welcome bonus of up 150%.
  5. El Royale – Sign-up bonus of up to $3,000.
  6. BetOnline – 100% bonus on first three deposits, up to $3,000.
  7. Everygame – 125% bonus when signing up with a deposit of $1,000.
  8. BUSR – Multiple ways to cash out and a $3,000 welcome bonus that is good for casino and poker room
  9. BetUS – 250% bonus of up to $5,000 when depositing with Crypto.
  10. Super Slots Casino – Bonus deposit of 350% of up to $2,500.

It might be a game that goes back generations, but, plenty of people are entirely new to roulette European-style, which is where we come in: The Basketball Insiders team has assessed the slew of online casinos available to gamblers to provide the vital casino roulette information that our readers need to know, as well as a roadmap to the best online sites.

Comparing the Best European Roulette Casino Sites

Casino European roulette games Live European roulette Free European roulette Max bet limit Welcome Bonus
Las Atlantis 1 2 $250 280% bonus
Wild Casino 2 2 $1,000 Up to $5,000
Bovada 2 1 $1,000 Up to $3,000
MyBookie 1 1 $500 150% bonus
El Royale
1 2 $500 Up to 250%
BetOnline 2 1 $1,000 Up to $3,000
Everygame 2 2 $500 Up to $1,000
BUSR 2 1 $1,000 100% up to $3,000
BetUS 2 2 $500 Up to $3,000
Super Slots
2 1 $500 Up to $1,000

How to Play European Roulette

The history of roulette goes back to the 17th century and it has remained widely popular. The two most popular versions of the game are European roulette and American roulette. The biggest difference between European and American roulette is that the European variant has a single green slot for 0, while the American version has two green slots for 0 and double 00.

Whether playing the European or American version of roulette, the rules are much the same:

  1. The game is started by the dealer, who spins a small marble along the edge of the roulette wheel.
  2. As the ball turns around that rim, players are allowed to bet on numbers, odd or even, red or black, or a specific range of numbers, each offering different payouts.
  3. Place your bets. When a player bets on a specific number, it is known as an inside bet. If the player bets on odd or even, black or red, or groups of numbers, those are known as outside bets.
  4. Players who bet on a specific number will get paid at a rate of 35-1 if that number hits. A $10 bet on 20 will return the gamble $350 if the ball lands in the 20 column after it drops into one of the slots.

European Roulette Wheel

The European roulette wheel is considered the most advantageous for players. It comes with 36 regular numbers and a green zero, and the house has a 2.70% edge.European Roulette Wheel at Wild Casino

The sequence of numbers on the roulette wheel is confusing. Gamblers can study the wheel all they want, but they will not recognize any relationship between the numbers and the sectors. Professionals who study results will occasionally recognize a sequence of numbers, but to most players, the results are simply random.

Low (1-18) and High (19-36) roulette wheel numbers alternate as much as possible. You will rarely see a low and a high number next to each other in European roulette. Even and Odd numbers are distributed randomly along the wheel. No more than two even or odd numbers are next to each other in the European wheel.

European Roulette Table

The European roulette layout is the area where the bets are placed. While American and European roulette tables are similar, the European layout has only one “0” betting slot, while the American version of the game also has “00” in addition to the single “0.” As a result, the house advantage in European roulette is 2.70%, while the house’s edge in the American version is 5.26%

European Roulette Table at Wild Casino

The table layout is divided into two sections — inside and outside bets. Inside bets can be placed on the 37 numbers. The outside section is where outside bets are placed – it consists of specific areas corresponding to Odd/Even, Red/Black, High/Low, Dozen, and Column bets.

Play Free European Roulette Online

European Roulette

European Roulette

100% Free / No Limits
European Roulette

European Roulette

100% Free / No Limits
European Roulette

European Roulette

100% Free / No Limits

Whether you’re planning on spinning the roulette European wheel or the American variant, if you’re new to the game, it’s a good idea to try out European roulette free online first.

By playing the free editions of the game at the best roulette casinos, you can practice your strategies and get to grips with the game. You’ll also be able to incorporate all the tips that you’ve read here or been given by friends, and effectively learn how to play European roulette properly without having to risk any of your actual capital.

Below is a list of sites that offer European roulette free practice:

  • Wild Casino
  • BetOnline
  • Bovada
  • Ignition
  • BetUS
  • MyB Casino
  • Big Spin
  • Las Atlantis
  • Cafe Casino
  • Red Dog

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European Roulette Payouts & Types of Bets

European roulette consists of a wheel that is divided into 37 compartments, and this includes zero. It also includes a table where players deliver their bets. The numbers on the wheel are random, but red and black numbers alternate. The position of the numbers is traditional and does not follow a mathematical formula. The house edge in European roulette is 2.70% while the American version that includes the double zero is 5.26%.

Bet type Odds Payout
Straight bet (1 number) 2.7% 35 to 1
Split bet (2 numbers) 5.4% 17 to 1
Street bet (3 numbers) 8.1% 11 to 1
Square or Corner (4 numbers) 10.8% 8 to 1
Six Line (6 numbers) 16.2% 5 to 1
Column (12 numbers) 32.4% 2 to 1
Dozen (12 numbers) 32.4% 2 to 1
Red/Black (18 numbers) 5.4% 1 to 1
Odd/Even (18 numbers) 8.1% 1 to 1
High/Low (18 numbers) 8.1% 1 to 1

What is the European Roulette House Edge?

The house has the edge in European roulette, just as it does in all table games and slot machines. However, the edge in European roulette is reasonable at 2.70%. While this will eventually take advantage of the gambler if he or she plays long enough, a lucky streak at the beginning or the middle of a run can leave the gambler with a notable profit.

In a short period of time, a player may have a hunch or a feeling on a certain number. Perhaps the play is on a family member’s birthday – perhaps 20. While risking $10 on each of the first three spins of the wheel, the numbers are 2, 16 and 25. The fourth spin came up 20, and the player got paid $350. Take away the $30 in prior losing bets, and the profit is substantial. The player walks away quite thrilled.

  • European roulette: 2.70% house edge
  • American roulette: 5.26% house edge
  • French roulette: 2.70% house edge on all non-even money bets; lowered to 1.35% on other bets
  • Blackjack: 2% house edge
  • Poker: Ranging from 1.5% to 5.22% house edge
  • Baccarat: Ranging from 1.01% to 1.24% house edge
  • Craps: 1.41% house edge on all pass bets

Best European Roulette Strategies

European roulette is a game that produces random results. The ball is sent spinning around the edge of the wheel and it drops in a numbered compartment according to the laws of gravity. Ultimately, it’s a game of chance, so it’s entirely common for players to base their selections on family members’ birthdays or other significant and supposedly lucky dates and digits.

However, there are certain strategies that many bettors use when they get around the wheel, and some have been known to be successful from time to time. As such, below are the most common European roulette betting strategies:


This is also a strategy that impacts a gambler’s outside bets. But instead of starting with a one-unit bet, you start with a four-unit bet. If one unit is a $5 chip, you are putting four of them out there on even. If you win that bet, the next play is three units on even. If you lose that bet, the next bet is five units on even. In each scenario, you subtract one unit after a win and add one after a loss.

Martingale/ Reverse Martingale

After a successful run at the table and the build-up of a fairly significant amount of chips, attempting to win via the Martingale system can be quite exciting.

The key is to have a notable bankroll before trying to win since the player will be doubling their unit bet after each loss. One might reasonably expect to win after four previous losses, but it is not unusual to lose as many as six or seven in a row. When the capital is sufficient, a steady increase in chip total will usually result.

The reverse Martingale strategy is very similar but with one key difference. It still involves starting with a one-unit bet and doubling after losses, but the difference is significant. Instead of sticking with the same bet, the opposite bet is made on the next spin.

So, if the player started out by betting on even and an odd number comes up on the next spin, the following bet is two units on odd. After that, if an even number comes up, the next bet would be four units on even. In this scenario, if odd or even repeats itself, the gambler will have a successful outcome on the sequence.

Paroli’s Strategy

This strategy can help a player build a significant amount of chips in a shorter period of time. By doubling the bet after a win, the chip total will increase quickly.

The idea is to accumulate three wins in a row. Once that happens, with a one-unit bet doubled to two, and a two-unit bet doubled to four, the player goes back to the starting point with a one-unit bet. Don’t keep doubling – know when to go back to the starting point.

Top Tips How to Win European Roulette

The player steps up to the European roulette table with the idea of walking away with a winner. There are no guarantees that this will happen every time, but there are certain strategies and practices that can help a determined player have success when the ball spins around the roulette wheel.

1. Study the Table

Get familiar with the game. Watch how the gamblers make their bets, and gain an understanding of the timing of the action. The dealer puts the ball in play and as it spins around the rim of the roulette wheel, the “no more bets” call is made. This helps the gambler learn exactly when to bet and the last instant bets can be made. Gamblers don’t want to make a late bet, see it win, and then see it wiped away because it is too late.

2. Play for Free

Nobody wants to gamble their money when they are unfamiliar with the way the game is played. No matter how many books or guides a player reads before playing, it is best to have some experience before putting money at risk.

There are multiple free games available online, including at what we consider to be the best online casino for European roulette, Wild Casino, which gives a player a chance to get familiar with the game for as long as the player wants to practice. This can lead to confidence that nothing will surprise the player when real money is at risk.

3. Start By Playing for Table Minimum

This idea is building off the previous idea of playing the game for free. Once you start playing, there is often a surge of electricity that goes through the gambler’s body that may cause a bit of a delay in decision-making ability.

Start off by making a series of bets with table minimum amounts on red/black, odd/even, first 18/second 18. The player will get used to making bets, winning and losing, and that will allow sharper decision-making as the game goes along.

4. Spread Your Bets

Once the player has been at the table long enough to feel comfortable, start betting the columns or groups of numbers. Not only will this add excitement to the game, but it will also increase the payoff significantly.

A column bet – first 12, second 12, third 12 – will pay off at 2-1 odds. When a player hits one of these bets, a Six Line or a Square, the chips start to come through at a more generous rate.

5. Stay to the Outside

If you want to win at European Roulette,  concentrate on the outside bets. This will keep the losing streaks from reaching high numbers. Whether it’s red-black, odd-even, or first 18-second 18, players are much more likely to hit a winning bet on the second, third, or fourth try. Players who are more inclined to bet on inside numbers are much more likely to have long-losing streaks.

European vs American Roulette

Even the most patriotic player should reject the “America First” theory when it comes to the game of roulette.

Playing European roulette gives the player a better chance of coming out ahead than playing the American version. The house edge in European roulette is 2.70%, while that edge jumps to 5.26% in the American version. That difference has a huge impact on the overall results.

Players have one chance in 37 of selecting the correct number in European roulette, but only one in 38 in the American version. Since both winning bets pay off at 35 to 1, the European version represents a better chance of hitting the correct number.

Players who are trying to maximize their chances of winning should play the European version of the game because it reduces the house advantage.

European roulette American roulette French roulette
Pockets 37 38 37
Zeroes Single 0 Double 0 Single 0
House Edge 2.70% 5.26% 2.70%/1.35%

More on Roulette

There are multiple ways to play roulette, including variants that have nothing to do with the American vs European roulette argument, such as the French edition.

To learn more about the game itself or any of the other variations, just click on the links below:

Best European Roulette Online Casino

Las Atlantis Casino is the best place for gamblers to engage in European roulette. Start off with a welcome bonus that can be as high as $14,000. This gives a player enough capital to overcome a significant losing streak and remain engaged in the game long enough to turn things around.

Then online casino also has an engaging interface that is attractive and easy to follow. It has a secure deposit system that makes it easy to deliver money into a gambling account. Las Atlantis Casino also features live dealer games from two studios, increasing the feeling of accuracy and fairness.

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