The 10 Best New NFT Projects for 2023

NFTs have transformed the worlds of art, gaming, and online culture. While there are now hundreds of popular projects, more new NFTs projects are being launched every day – and one of them could be the next big hit.

In this guide, we’ll show you the 10 best new NFT projects to keep an eye on this year.

The Top 10 NFT Projects in 2023

We’ve checked out dozens of upcoming NFT releases to highlight the 10 best new NFT projects for 2023:

  1. Battle Infinity – Overall Best New NFT Project for 2023
  2. Tamadoge – Best New NFT Project for Meme Coins
  3. Awesome Possums – Contribute to Mental Health Awareness
  4. Moon Boyz – Earn a Chance to Be Sent into Space
  5. Meta Run – Play-to-earn Crypto Game with Daily Challenges
  6. Nouns – Explore a New NFT Every Day
  7. Crypto Baristas – Coffee Rewards at Crypto Baristas Cafes
  8. – Support Your Favorite Athlete with an NFT
  9. Invisible Friends – Best New Animated NFT Project
  10. Crypto Goonz – Vintage Art with a Modern Twist
  11. Fly Fish Club – Get Access to an Exclusive Dining Club in NYC

The Best New NFT Projects Reviewed

Let’s take a closer look at what makes each of the top new NFT projects stand out.

1. Battle Infinity – Overall Best New NFT Project for 2023

Battle Infinity

Battle Infinity is one of the upcoming NFT projects we’re most excited about. Battle Infinity describes itself as the ‘multiverse of metaverse,’ referring to the fact it will be a decentralized universe where players can find dozens of NFT-driven games.

The key to joining Battle Infinity is to own an NFT pass, which allows holders access to the platform’s games. Most importantly, it offers entry into the IBAT Premier League, a fantasy sports game where players can build their own teams and compete against others. IBAT Premier League is designed to work similarly to existing fantasy sports leagues, but the key difference is that winning players earn rewards in IBAT tokens.

IBAT tokens can be swapped at Battle Infinity’s built-in decentralized exchange, called the Battle Swap. Or they can be spent at the Battle Market to buy NFT wearables, art, and in-game upgrades. Battle Infinity also offers multiple options for staking IBAT tokens to enable players to earn passive income.

As launch approaches, Battle Infinity plans to mint a maximum of 10 billion IBAT tokens. The project is currently starting Phase 3 of its roadmap, which includes listing on the Pancakeswap exchange and launching a prototype dApp.

Battle Infinity enthusiasts can keep up with all the latest updates on this project on social media, including through Battle Infinity’s Telegram channel.

2. Tamadoge – The Next Big Meme Coin?

tamadoge - meme coins nft

Tamadoge is arguably the best new NFT game of 2023 for those among you that like to speculate on the next big thing – Meme Coins, more specifically, in this case.

Popular meme tokens like DOGE and SHIB  remain some of the fastest-growing crypto assets. But, to make bank using Tamadoge, be sure to invest early to get the highest returns.

Currently, in its beta sale phase, Tamadoge is a play-to-earn Dogecoin inspired by the classic Tamagochi pet simulator from the early 00s. Though this Meme Coin may seem like a novelty punt, do remember that even Shiba Inu began life as a weird dog meme coin, and look how that investment panned out for its early backers – one reported investor converted $8,000 into billions of dollars!

TAMA enables players to buy a doggy NFT, before training it up, battling against other users, and even breeding dogs to create new NFTs. Each month, prizes and rewards are available to those Tamadoge owners whose virtual-doggy parenting skills see them sit atop the leaderboard.

Tamadoge currently has a limited supply of 2 billion coins that will be available for purchase via Uniswap and LBank. At present, there is no upper limit to how much you can invest and TAMA can be purchased using ETH, USDT, or credit and debit cards.

3. Awesome Possums – Contribute to Mental Health Awareness

Awesome Possums

Awesome Possums is one of the best upcoming NFTs for those who want to support mental health awareness and treatment. Part of the proceeds from the sale of each Awesome Possum NFT will be contributed to charities like Rethink Stigma, Child Mind, and Shatterproof. In the future, the founders of Awesome Possums even hope to launch a charity focused on addiction recovery.

The public sale of Awesome Possums is planned for September 9, 2022. There will be 12,000 of these NFT creations in all, each of them fully unique. Each Awesome Possum will cost 0.08 ETH and they will live on the Ethereum blockchain.

After the sale is complete, Awesome Possums is focused on growing its community offerings. The project hopes to offer free access to a counselor on Discord to NFT holders, for example. It also plans to create exclusive merchandise and offer scholarships to low-income students who are interested in blockchain.

4. Moon Boyz – Earn a Chance to Be Sent into SpaceMoon Boyz

Moon Boyz is a unique NFT project that aims to make it into space by 2024. In fact, by holding a Moon Boyz NFT, you could earn a spot on the project’s first space launch!

In the meantime, Moon Boyz is building an active community of NFT holders. Moon Boyz owners get access to exclusive events and merch. In addition, the platform is rolling out a crypto token called $DARK that can be generated by staking or burning a Moon Boyz NFT. $DARK can then be used to pay for accessories that can be added to your NFT.

There are 11,111 Moon Boyz in total, each designed in 3-D and residing on the Ethereum blockchain. When you buy a Moon Boyz NFT, you also get a 3D-printed figurine and a 3D printing file to create your own Moon Boyz figurines. So, this is one of the top upcoming NFT drops for people who already have a 3D printer handy.

5. Meta Run – Play-to-earn Crypto Game with Daily Challenges

Meta Run

Meta Run is an exciting new NFT game that enables players to create an avatar and then race their way through puzzles and adventures. Every avatar is an NFT that can be upgraded with gemstones found throughout the game or with accessories found in Meta Run’s virtual marketplace.

Players earn $MRUN token as they complete challenges, which they can spend in the shop. The $MRUN token also serves as a governance token for the project and enables players to unlock new NFTs as they’re released by the project’s developers.

Meta Run is one of our favorite upcoming Solana NFT projects. The game takes advantage of Solana’s speed to offer outstanding graphics and a complex world. Plus, it’s going to be available on mobile devices to make play more accessible.

Meta Run is free to join, which is a significant benefit over some other play-to-earn crypto games. The project is currently in beta and the global launch is planned for the fall of 2022.

6. Nouns – Explore a New NFT Every Day


Nouns is a unique NFT project in that instead of minting hundreds or thousands of new NFTs at once, it’s releasing one NFT a day – forever. That means that members of the Nouns universe can look forward to a new NFT drop every single day for years to come.

Proceeds from every sale of Nouns NFTs goes into a fund controlled by the project’s DAO. So, the Nouns community gets to decide what to do with the money. This is very unique among NFT projects and means that the Nouns community could evolve over time as the treasury grows.

Within the DAO, the Noun NFTs themselves serve as governance tokens – there is no Nouns cryptocurrency. Each Noun NFT is worth one vote.

Another neat thing about this project is that users can create their own nouns off-chain through the project’s Playground. For users who want to build their own identity avatars, this is an easy way to express yourself.

7. Crypto Baristas – Coffee Rewards at Crypto Baristas Cafes

Crypto Baristas

Crypto Baristas is an NFT community with real coffee shops at its center. Each Crypto Barista is a drawing of a character pouring out coffee. But the real value of this NFT project lies in the real-world network behind it.

The first release of Crypto Baristas supported the launch of a cafe in New York City, where Crypto Baristas NFT holders could get free coffee for life. Now, the upcoming NFT mints from this project are intended to support the development of sustainable coffee supply chains in Central America. It’s a unique, specific goal that Crypto Baristas is well on its way to achieving.

The Crypto Baristas project is simple for NFT owners in that there’s no staking, no rewards system, and no marketplace. Simply buy a Crypto Barista and visit the NYC cafe to enjoy a cup of coffee and meet the coffee-loving crypto community.

8. – Support Your Favorite Athlete with an is a new NFT project created by Tom Brady, the former NFL quarterback. Several other well-known athletes, including Naomi Osaka, Wayne Gretzky, Derek Jeter, and Tiger Woods, are also involved in the project.

Each NFT in the collection is essentially a digital sports trading card. However, each NFT has the full backing and authorization of the athlete it represents along with their authentic signature. There are multiple editions of each NFT, but the editions are very limited to preserve their value.

For now, doesn’t offer much beyond the NFTs themselves. However, we expect upcoming NFT drops from this project to be accompanied by more digital and in-person experiences involving the athletes themselves. There are a lot of potential ways in which this project could grow, and the involvement of so many recognizable athletes is a positive sign for its development.

9. Invisible Friends – Best New Animated NFT Project

Invisible Friends

Invisible Friends is a collection of new NFTs created by Swedish artist Markus Magnusson. Each NFT is an animated character, but only the character’s accessories are visible. What makes this collection so neat is that the animation turns a jumble of accessories into the outerwear of an invisible person.

Magnusson has big plans for Invisible Friends. The project recently made an appearance at NFT NYC, and Magnusson is planning to release 3D versions of all existing Invisible Friends later in the year. The project has also teased releasing 3D-printed figurines of its characters and offering the original 3D files as NFTs.

Invisible Friends holders also have the release of Garbage Friends to look forward to. This is a new project by Magnusson, and Garbage Friends NFTs will be available first to Invisible Friends holders before they’re released to the public.

10. Crypto Goonz – Vintage Art with a Modern Twist

Crypto Goonz

Crypto Goonz is a laid-back and informal art collection from renowned tattoo artist Sean Morgan. Each of the 6,969 NFT collectibles is hand-drawn in rubber-hose style – effectively the same style of art used to create the original Mickey Mouse characters.

Each Crypto Goonz has a modern twist, though. The characters are wearing modern clothing and accessories, many inspired by the universe of hip-hop and street culture.

Crypto Goonz are now on sale at NFT marketplaces including OpenSea, LooksRare, and Nifty Gateway. NFTs start at 0.27 ETH and there are still hundreds of NFTs available for purchase.

For now, owning a Crypto Goonz doesn’t earn you anything more than bragging rights. However, the project universe is expanding to include exclusive merchandise, live events, and more. So, it could be the perfect time to get in on this NFT collection before it becomes even hotter.

11. Fly Fish Club – Get Access to an Exclusive Dining Club in NYC

Fly Fish Club

Gary Vaynerchuk, the creator of Fly Fish Club, had a unique idea: an NFT that serves as a membership pass to an exclusive dining club in New York City. That’s exactly what this NFT does. Only NFT holders and their guests – up to 8 at a time – can visit the Fly Fish Club dining room.

For those who want even more exclusivity, there’s the Fly Fish Club Omikase Room. You must have one of the rare NFTs in the collection to gain access to this private dining room, and guest access is limited.

A Fly Fish Club NFT costs 2.5 ETH, so it’s not cheap. In addition, all of the Fly Fish Club NFTs are sold out for now. The good news is that Vaynerchuk plans to establish more locations and more NFTs to go along with them.

What to Look for in the Best New NFT Projects

Wondering how to choose the best new NFTs for 2022? We’ll explain some of the key factors we consider when evaluating upcoming NFT projects.

Earnings Potential

A huge part of the appeal of NFTs is that they can earn the holder money over time. There are 2 main ways that NFTs deliver earnings.

The first is through appreciation, which is driven by supply and demand. This can be hard to predict, since demand for specific NFT projects is driven by whether they catch the eye of the crypto community. However, if an NFT appeals to you, there’s a good chance it appeals to others, too.

The second is through staking rewards or, in the case of new NFT games, play-to-earn rewards. These earnings may require some effort on the part of the NFT holder – for example, play-to-earn rewards require you to complete tasks or in-game challenges. However, these rewards are only open to NFT holders and can be significant for some NFT projects.

Physical World Benefits

Many of the best NFTs now offer real-world benefits and utility such as entry to exclusive meet-ups and events. As 3D NFTs become more popular, many creators are also offering 3D-printed figurines along with each NFT purchase.

Other real-world benefits include access to perks at physical shops – like unlimited coffee at the Crypto Baristas cafe or dining at the Fly Fish Club restaurant. Some NFT projects also contribute money to charity or help develop far-off goals like sending token holders into space.

It’s up to you to decide what benefits matter to you and what they’re worth to you.


The more rare an NFT is, the more likely it is to appreciate in price. Simply put, there’s lower supply and so the price should increase more as demand increases.

The best new NFT projects may have several hundred or several thousand NFTs. Handmade NFTs are often worth more than computer-generated NFTs. Also, it’s a good idea to look for NFT projects that offer only a single edition of each NFT.

Artwork Quality

The quality of the artwork involved in each NFT is hard to quantify, but it’s crucial to the success and future valuation of an NFT project. NFTs that require more painstaking design work or that encapsulate pop culture are often more popular than those that look as if they were designed by amateur artists.

Ultimately, it can be hard to know how the crypto community will respond to a piece of NFT art. It’s worth asking others for their opinion if you’re on the fence about buying into an upcoming NFT project.

Founding Team

The development team behind an NFT project can be very important, especially for upcoming NFT games that have a lot of moving parts and many elements that haven’t yet been completed. Look for founding teams that have years of experience in the NFT space and that understand what it takes to bring a project to completion.

In addition, it’s worth examining how the founders plan to profit off of their NFTs. Ideally, the financial success of founders should be tied to the financial success of NFT holders.

Future Development

The best new NFT projects look far beyond just the initial drop of new NFTs. That should be just the first phase in a much longer path of development. Top-notch founders have detailed plans for future community events, metaverse spaces, exclusive merchandise, rewards systems, and more.

These developments won’t all happen overnight, so NFT holders need to be patient. However, future development can significantly add to the value of an NFT and keep the community of token holders engaged with the project.

How to Buy a New NFT Project

Ready to buy one of the best upcoming NFT projects? We’ll walk you through how to buy a Battle Infinity NFT, which is our top pick as the best overall new NFT in 2023.

Step 1: Visit Battle Infinity Presale

Head to the official Battle Infinity website and click on Launch Presale.

Battle Infinity Launch Presale

Step 2: Connect Wallet

Connect your crypto wallet to the Battle Infinity project. You must have a Binance Smart Chain wallet with BNB tokens.

Step 3: Buy IBAT

Enter the amount of IBAT you wish to buy from Battle Infinity, and it will show you the equivalent value in BNB. The minimum purchase is 0.1 BNB and the maximum is 500 BNB. Click Buy IBAT to complete your purchase.

Battle Infinity Buy IBAT


New NFT projects are dropping all the time. Many of these new projects look very promising and offer crypto rewards or other real-world benefits for NFT holders.

If you’re looking for the best new NFT project in 2023, check out Battle Infinity. The project’s presale has already launched and it’s well on its way to creating a multiverse of play-to-earn games within the metaverse. We also rated its native token IBAT highly on our rankings of metaverse coins.


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