How to Play Decentraland ICE Poker Crypto Game

ICE poker rooms are among the hottest locations in the Decentraland metaverse. Run by Decentral Games, these poker rooms enable gamblers to compete on a leaderboard, earn rewards, and more.

In this guide, we’ll explain how to play ICE poker in Decentraland.

How to Play Decentraland ICE Poker – Quick Steps

If you want to play Decentraland ICE poker right away, just follow these quick steps:

Step 1: Connect a Metamask wallet. Set up a Metamask wallet and connect it to Decentral Games.

Step 2: Purchase or borrow an ICE wearable. Buy an ICE wearable NFT from a marketplace like OpenSea or borrow a wearable from a current player.

Step 3: Visit the ICE Poker Stronghold. Enter Decentraland and navigate to the ICE Poker Stronghold.

Step 4: Start Playing. Join a poker table and select your buy-in to begin playing.

What is Decentraland ICE Poker?

ICE poker is a virtual poker game that takes place at online casinos in the Decentraland metaverse.

With Decentraland ICE poker, you can play classic poker games like Texas Hold’em, 3-card stud, Caribbean poker, and much more. Players can bet and win ICE poker chips.

Decentral Games Metaverse Casino

What’s unique about Decentraland ICE poker is that chips are free. In order to play, you must have an ICE poker wearable NFT – we’ll explain how to get one of those in more detail below. Every day, players who have a wearable receive free ICE poker chips to bet with. Then, you can earn $ICE, a cryptocurrency token, by completing challenges and climbing up the ICE poker leaderboard.

Decentraland ICE Poker is run by the metaverse casino in Decentraland, Decentral Games. Decentral Games currently has 6 casinos across Decentraland and hosts ICE poker, blackjack, roulette, and online slots.

How Does Decentraland ICE Poker Work?

In order to understand how Decentral ICE poker works, it’s important to understand the different components of the game.

First, there are ICE poker wearables. These are NFTs that players must have in order to play ICE poker. If you don’t have a wearable, you cannot play. You can purchase an ICE poker wearable on OpenSea or another NFT marketplace, or you can borrow one from another player.

Second, there are ICE poker chips. If you have an NFT wearable, you’re entitled to a daily allotment of free chips. Just show up at one of Decentral Games’ metaverse casinos and check in to claim your chips.

Chips can be used to play poker and you can accumulate them by winning, just like you would in a real-world poker game. As you win and earn chips, you’ll climb up the ICE poker leaderboard. There’s no risk if you lose your chips, which makes ICE poker very different from other top real money poker sites.

ICE poker chips don’t have any value outside the poker game, but the $ICE poker coin does. Players earn $ICE by checking into the casino and completing challenges or by climbing the poker leaderboard. You can also earn $ICE if you own an ICE poker wearable and lend it out to other players.

The dynamics of the $ICE poker coin make ICE poker one of the top play-to-earn NFT crypto games available today. $ICE has real value since you can trade it on any major crypto exchange for coins like Bitcoin or Ethereum.

ICE Poker Coins

As we explained $ICE poker coins form the play-to-earn backbone of ICE poker. These tokens have real-world value since you can exchange them for any other cryptocurrency or even fiat currency.

While you get ICE poker chips for free when you check into ICE poker, you have to earn $ICE coins. There are several ways to earn $ICE.

First, you can complete 3 daily challenges. These challenges change from day to day, but they typically involve trying different poker games or making certain types of bets. If you complete all 3 challenges within 24 hours, you’ll receive $ICE tokens automatically.

Second, you can win poker games. Winning a hand earns you ICE poker chips, and the players with the most ICE poker chips throughout the day make it onto a live leaderboard. The longer you stay at the top of the leaderboard, the more $ICE poker token you earn.

Finally, you can earn $ICE by loaning out your ICE poker NFT wearable to another player. This means that you won’t be able to play poker, but you’re entitled to a share of any $ICE coin that your delegate player earns.

Of course, you can also purchase $ICE at any major crypto exchange that trades this coin.

ICE Poker NFTs

ICE poker wearable NFTs are required in order to play ICE poker. There are several ways to get an ICE poker NFT.

First, you can buy one. You can find wearable NFTs for ICE poker on OpenSea and other NFT marketplaces. Prices start at around 1 ETH, or approximately $3,400 USD.

Second, you can borrow an ICE poker NFT. When you borrow an NFT, you can play poker and the individual from whom you borrowed the wearable is entitled to a share of any $ICE coins you earn.

There is currently no centralized marketplace for finding wearables to borrow for this NFT game. So, you’ll need to connect with current NFT owners in Decentraland or on platforms like Discord or Reddit.

Finally, you can mint a new ICE poker NFT when they are released. You’ll need to stake $ICE in order to mint a new wearable.

ICE Poker Price

The price of one $ICE coin is currently $0.0768 USD. This is not a stablecoin and its price can vary significantly over time in response to how many people are playing Decentral Games ICE poker.

The market capitalization of $ICE poker on CoinMarketCap is currently $11.9 million.ICE Token Price Chart

How to Play ICE Poker in Decentraland – Tutorial

Ready to join your first ICE poker game in the metaverse? Here’s how you can start playing ICE poker today:

Step 1: Connect a Metamask Wallet

In order to play ICE poker, you need to connect a wallet to Decentral Games. Decentral Games works with Metamask wallets, which you can download for iOS, Android, or your browser.Download Metamask Wallet

Step 2: Purchase or Borrow an ICE Poker Wearable

Only players who currently hold an ICE poker wearable are eligible to play ICE poker games. You can purchase wearables on NFT marketplaces like OpenSea.Buy an ICE Poker Wearable on OpenSea

Alternatively, you can borrow an ICE NFT from another player. Just keep in mind that this entitles them to a share of your ICE poker coins.

Once you have an ICE NFT, add it to your Metamask wallet.

Step 3: Visit Decentraland

Head to Decentraland and click ICE Poker in the navigation menu. This will take you to the Poker Stronghold, where you’ll find a variety of ICE poker crypto games to choose from. Decentraland will automatically verify the ICE poker wearable in your Metamask wallet to allow you to play.

Navigate to ICE Poker

Step 4: Start Playing

Choose a poker table and click on highlighted cards to take a seat. Then just select your buy-in and start playing ICE poker!Play ICE Poker

What is the Best NFT Project in 2022?

ICE poker is a promising NFT game that lets you earn $ICE by playing. However, it’s not the only NFT game available today.

If you’re looking for the best NFT project in 2022, check out Lucky Block. Lucky Block set out to create the world’s first global blockchain-backed lottery, and in doing so it became the fastest crypto project to ever surpass $1 billion in market value. Lucky Block now runs global lotteries that pay out real cryptocurrency to winners.

Building on this concept, Lucky Block recently jumped into the world of NFTs with its Platinum Rollers Club NFT collection. This collection of 10,000 membership cards – each of which could be minted for $1,500 – entitles holders to an exclusive daily lottery.Lucky Block Platinum Rollers Club NFT

Every day, Lucky Block draws a number and one lucky NFT holder earns $10,000. If you hold one of the 25 rare NFTs that are included in the collection, your payout jumps to $20,000. What’s especially cool about this lottery is that your chance of winning each day is 1 in 10,000 – pretty good odds for such a large payout.

Even better, Lucky Block is giving away a Lamborghini in a special drawing for NFT holders. Again, your chances of winning this luxury car are 1 in 10,000.

The Lucky Block Platinum Rollers Club NFT collection is only available on the NFT LaunchPad NFT marketplace.

Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product.

How to Buy Lucky Block NFTs

If you want to purchase a Lucky Block Platinum Rollers Club NFT, just follow these quick steps:

Step 1: Set up a Metamask wallet. You will need a Metamask wallet to connect to NFT LaunchPad, the exclusive home of the Lucky Block Platinum Rollers Club NFT collection.

Step 2: Buy wrapped BNB (wBNB): Purchase BNB at any major crypto exchange and transfer it to your Metamask wallet.

Step 3: Connect to NFT LaunchPad: Visit NFT LaunchPad and click Connect Wallet to add your Metamask wallet.

Step 4: Buy a Lucky Block NFT: Search for the Platinum Rollers Club collection and click Buy Now to purchase one of the remaining Lucky Block NFTs.

Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product.


ICE poker from Decentral Games offers players a chance to play poker in the Decentraland metaverse. You can bet free ICE chips with no risk and earn $ICE coin that has real-world value just by playing. To get started, purchase or borrow an NFT wearable and then head to Decentraland.

While ICE poker can be exciting, we think Lucky Block’s Platinum Rollers Club NFT collection is one of the best NFT projects in 2022. Owning a Platinum Rollers Club NFT enters you into a daily $10,000 drawing with a 1 in 10,000 chance of winning.

Ready to purchase your Lucky Block NFT? Head to NFT LaunchPad today to get started!

Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product.


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