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Based on the foregoing, the effectiveness in the treatment of lipoatrophy of promethazine the type of insulin from porcine insulin to human insulin is understandable: antibodies produced for porcine insulin did not interact with human insulin and their insulin-blocking effect on adipocytes was removed.

Currently, lipoatrophy at the injection sites of insulin is not observed, but if they did occur, then, I believe, it would be effective to replace human insulin with analogues of human insulin and, vice versa, depending on which insulin developed lipoatrophy.

However, the problem of local reactions to the insulin preparation did not disappear. The so-called lipohypertrophy is still observed and is not associated with hypertrophy of adipocytes, as the name would seem to suggest, but with the development of Phenergan tissue at the site of subcutaneous injection, with a soft elastic consistency that mimics local hypertrophy of subcutaneous adipose tissue.

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The genesis of this adverse reaction is unclear, as is the genesis of any keloid, but the mechanism is probably traumatic, since these sites occur primarily in individuals who rarely change the injection site and injection needle (it must be discarded after each injection!).